Humanity Snowboards

American Gear Company has a house brand of snowboards called Humanity. This brand of boards is sold through specialty shops around the nation, it is a high end niche brand with models for each style of riding. This brand is designed by Daniel Malmrose who has worked and engineered for companies like Lib Tech, Gnu …

Factory Photos

Recent Custom Snowboard Projects

Custom snowboards have been and still are an awesome way to promote your company.  We are fast and local, with our own production facility.  We can change on the fly for you and even handle the drop shipping.  Our boards are manufactured by us, we don;t import blanks from China and stick a sticker on …

Factory Photos Feb 2016

It’s fun to share some pics form around the shop periodically. We are constantly doing new projects that keep things interesting and always fun.

Case Study: DeWalt Tools

Find out how DeWalt used custom snowboards to boost sales!

We can make it happen

  Recently at the 2016 PPAI show in Vegas we were approached by a company with a problem. They were up against the deadline to produce and ship a project, the problem was their current vendor was having troubles. After a conversation on the show floor we had a plan in place and began to …


We began building wakeboards about 4 years ago to satisfy a need for one of our customers. With our unique position as a full service factory, we were able to step up and modify our factory to accommodate wakeboard production. These manufacturing services are available to all our clients in need of 1 or 1000 …


FAQ How long does it take? It all depends on your needs. If you are looking for a single custom snowboard, we can typically get it done in about 2 weeks. For large volume runs it really depends on our production schedule. We try to get you scheduled withing 3-4 weeks of placing the order, …

Shot Snowboards

We can make custom shot snowboards. These are high gloss snowboards with spots for 4 shots.

Vita Coco Snowboards

American Gear Company recently did a short run of custom snowboards for Vita Coco to give away, here is the promotional video:

Shot Glasses

We have had such success with the production of our custom shot skis, we figured it was only fitting to offer custom glasses to go along with them. For quick turn around times and low minimums contact us so we can help you out!


Our skim boards are constructed with high quality birch plywood. Each skimboard is CNC cut, sanded and lacquered. Our skimboards are fully functional and the artwork is not applied using a sticker, this means it’s permanent and won’t wear off in the ocean or rivers. For more information, pricing, lead times and samples give us …


Includes 1 color screen, 1 side Fully capable of helping out when you’re up a creek, the ShotOar is handmade and offers large decoration potential on the paddle. The tapered grip gives you a handle on the situation whether you are using it for business or pleasure. Three grommets allow you and your friends to …

Jim Bean Wake Surfer

We had the opportunity to build a custom Jim Beam wake surfer in collaboration with Brigade Wakesurfers.  The board finished up amazing with a full color graphic, recycled foam and bio-friendly epoxy.


A recent opportunity allowed us to set up and begin producing custom wake surfers and surfboards. Feature include: Recycled foam Eco friendly resin full color graphics custom shapes custom fin configurations

Captain Morgans Slapshot

We recently did a small run of custom shot hockey sticks (slapshots) for Captain Morgans.  Here are some pics:  

Breckenridge Vodka

We produce all kinds of snowboards, everything from High end niche boards to cost effective display snowboards. We recently had the privilege of doing some for Breckenridge Distillery, here are some pics of the vodka boards. Display boards can be made for any brand and our custom production minimums are very small.  If you would …

Fireball Slap Shot

We did a large run of custom hockey sticks for Sazerac and their Fireball whiskey and Dr. Mcgillicudy brands. Here are some pics

Digital Print vs a Real Board

Often times people wonder what their board will look like in real life.  Depending on the print method the results will be different, but this example shows how a digitally sublimated top sheet looks when printed on ISO sport clear Nylon with a curtain coat of white.  Keep in mind the picture was taken in …

Fireball Wakeboard

About this time each year we get really busy manufacturing custom wakeboards for OEM and promotional clients. This wakeboard run is for one of our favorite clients out of St. Louis. We used a high density machined foam with a wood stringer that houses the inserts, 19 oz tri ax fiberglass and a co-extruded sublimated …