Our Philosophy


We do our best to build partnerships. It does not do us, the customer or the industry any good to develop a one sided relationship. It is our goal to deliver great products on time while exceeding expectations. We don’t profess to be perfect, in fact we have made some seriously bad choices and terrible mistakes in our existence. However we have learned from them and do our best to not make them again. Not everyone is going to like us, and that’s ok! What matters is that we do a good job for our clients and the clients respect our business. We are not the cheapest factory in the world, but we offer a huge value add in our experience and our ability to deliver on time and to support the needs of our clients.

Our Commitment


To support emerging and existing brands who need a factory that will be flexible in their needs and provide on-time delivery at a standard that exceeds industry standards.

Who We Are


Monson has been under the radar for many years, over 13. We have grown to be a legitimate contender in the global manufacturing of snowboards. What most people don’t realize is that we have outlasted dozens of factories and hundreds of brands. HERE IS OUR STORY……..

We began formal operations in 1997 in a small shop in Southern California. For the first few years with just some simple modest equipment, Ryan Monson would build boards during the week and then truck them to Big Bear California in hopes of selling them. Without an in house base grinder, Ryan would go to the repair shop Friday night and base grind the snowboards so people could try them on Saturday and Sunday. After setting up an ez-up at the base of the hill, strategically where all the people renting boards were walking by, he would offer those people to demo a board at no cost. Knowing that the rental boards were not high end boards, once the customers tried their rental board and then tried a Monson Custom snowboard the idea was they would know the difference. The boards sold themselves and that strategy paid off, resulting in Ryan coming home with a pocket full of cash. The cycle would start all over again the next week and last for two seasons.

Entering year # 3 Ryan realized that building a brand was going to take a lot of hard work and a lot of time. Consequently he got with Greg Huntoon and Mike Buzzard from the Cuban Council and developed a wed site that marketed Monson as a full service OEM, custom and promotional snowboard factory.

With many years of growing pains and many failures and successes, Monson was able to slowly grow each year. In 2006 an opportunity to merge with a company was presented and Ryan decided to go for it. Proving to be the worst decision for the company and the employees, in 2007 Ryan walked away from the company. One year later he took the company back cleaned house and basically started over. It was not an easy feat, Ryan had to win the trust of his old customers, his vendors and find a way to make this work again. In late 2008 things began to turn around old customers were coming back!

from 2008 through late 2009 Monson began to see impressive growth. That growth saw struggles but we managed to work it all out. By the end 2009 Monson had to good fortune of adding Daniel Malmrose to the staff. Daniel has a long history in the industry, he was one of the first employees at Mervin and helped build their factory in Squim Washington. He later moved on to build the Signal factory in Huntington Beach and decided joining Monson was the best move for him. He Is the head Engineer here at Monson and runs our Humanity Brand. Daniel has designed some of the industries most popular snowboards and skis. We are very fortunate to have him on board.

The rest is now history, 14 years later, Monson has grown to service global snowboard companies, marketing firms and individuals looking for high end and or cost effective production in the USA.

Our facility is full service. We have an in house printing department, wood shop with a 6 head c&c router, Multiple press bays, finishing equipment and a skilled labor force. One of our specialties is to formulate a production program that can suite your business model. Many snowboard companies are on tight budgets consequently we have a robust list of house shapes that we can offer, or we can design and tool unique shapes and sizes specifically for your company.

We started in a garage and have stood the test of time in business and in the industry. We have vast experience in board building and understand the needs of modern riders and a changing industry. It is our expectation that we have partnerships and not just a vendor/customer relationship with the brands we manufacture for. The snowboard industry needs to get over the hostility and understand that big or small, we all need to stick together!