"Just wanted to say thanks and great job on the board! They look amazing and can't wait to ride.
I'm doing a big promotion with it starting shortly, so I'll be sure to link you in all the website posts, etc...

Cheers again,
Will definitely be ordering more in the future."
—Thanks, Luke

Mobile Theory

"I want to thank everyone for the incredible moment of my time with Mobile Theory. When I opened the box I got a kick looking over the signatures of all the people that turned MT into a tremendous success story. The board is going on my wall in my home office.
—Thank you to Ryan and the American Gear team for helping bring this idea to life. Without them this would have never happened.


"80% of our orders are placed with 30 of our proven suppliers. When we place orders with them, we are confident products will be produced correctly; orders will arrive on time, on budget. The other 20% of orders - going to new vendors for products we may not be familiar with (in this case-skimboards) - is a constant source of frustration and stress. That is why our experience with American Gear was so gratifying. Starting with our first conversation with them; Ryan and American Gear were responsive, flexible, and immediately committed to helping us meet the specific branding and delivery standards established by our customer. American Gear provided us two versions of a pre-production proof (even though we asked for only one). And it was the additional proof that the customer selected. They shipped the order two days early. And when our customer needed an additional smaller quantity reorder - American Gear gave us the same price as the previous order - and shipped the reorder a week early."
—Phil Yale

"American Gear Company and Monson Boards are simply the best!! We have tried other "custom board shops" and been disappointed with the product, but let me tell you that you will not be disappointed with American Gear!! They have the best manufacturing and customer service in the industry and you'll get what you need, when you need it with a level of quality that is unmatched!
Thanks American Gear & Monson "
—Kevin Eubank KSL-TV


"Fact is- that the boards we ordered from you guys are so well done that it was a pain to hang them on our studio walls. We tried to sneak them out once but given that our boss (picture above) loves them so much, we thought twice about it. We have no choice but to order boards again soon."
—Signed on the behalf of all the artist working here:)