Custom Wakeboard


Built right here in the USA by one of the last standing wakeboard factories in America with top shelf ingredients.

Features Include:

  • Full Length Poplar Wood Core
  • Urethane Sidewall
  • 19oz Tri-Ax Fiberglass
  • Two Part Epoxy Resin
  • M6 Thread Standard Pattern Binding Inserts
  • 4 Re-moveable Fins
  • Flat Bottom Construction for both Behind the Boat Riding and Park Riding!
  • continuous rocker

Production Time is Roughly 2 Weeks. 

Our wakeboards are built to be durable but also more fun.  Most wakeboards are built with an injection molded foam core, this is great for inexpensive mass production, but this leaves the boards stiff and unresponsive.  A wood core wakeboards has life, they have flex and this gives the boards characteristics that make them substantially more fun to ride.  The offer pop off the wakes and the ability to press on features when in the wakeboard park.  Wood core wakeboards are also substantially stronger than foam!

Why A Wood Core is Better.

  • Cable Parks & Rails: Flexible boards are excellent for cable parks (or any rail-riding for that matter). Being able to flex the board in to a nose or tail press really adds style. Not to mention, it’s a great feeling as a rider to lock in to a press!
  • Flex is Fun!:  A flexible board totally changes the riding experience and can make even little things like carving around super fun!
  • Durability:  Wood-core boards are incredibly durable,Even if somehow a rider manages to damage the board on a rail or ramp, the wood will not soak-up water like foams tend to.

Check this box and we will help you design your board. Only select this is you are having trouble using the on-line design tool and you want us to do the design for you. Yo must provide the images and text you would like us to use.

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Product Being Made in our Factory

Another rad day at the factory building fun stuff for our great customers. #agcwakeboard #customwakeboard #usa #corona @corona #agcwake #agccustomwake

Another rad day at the factory building fun stuff for our great customers. #agcwakeboard #customwakeboard #usa #corona @corona #agcwake #agccustomwake ...

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