A few years ago we wanted to create a sled that was fast, fun and was able to be fully branded for our corporate clients.  What we came up with was our modern take on the old school toboggan.  It’s a great fully functional sled that displays your company brand effectively.  

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Modern Toboggan

The modern toboggan is made with high grade resin laminated birch wood and two sublimated pieces of PBT (snowboard and ski plastics). We can achieve a full color print on both the top and the bottom of the toboggan.    It is placed in a heated form block and cooked to cure the resin and form the tip and tail shape. Once it’s fully cured we put the toboggan on the CNC machine and cut it to shape.  The next step is to spray lacquer and sand the sides for a smooth finish.  In post production the sled gets it’s pull rope and handles installed. 

Custom options include full color top and base graphics, black or white tow rope, two or 4 handles, foam seat and a custom shape if you want!



Length: 59″

Width: 13″

Weight: 7.5 lbs

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